When Divers started to come to the island they still wanted to party after they'd finished their diving, and of course there were plenty of people willing to help them.  There are many bars all over the island with some of the most noteable ones being located in Sairee close to Koh Tao Backpackers.


DJL's Pool Bar is a great place to meet up and get the night startedDJL Pool Bar is right on your doorstep, opening from 11am - Midnight

Lotus Bar is set down on the beach is where the party really gets going opening from 4pm - 2:30am


Fizz Lounge is also down on the beach and is a chilled out cocktail lounge as the name suggests opening

Vibe Bar is also on the beach, making up the trio of North Sairee Beach Bars

Dizza Bar is open to the street on the corner just opposite the 7-11 nearest the beach and has cheap drinks and an energetic bar staff opening

Choppers Bar & Grill is in the next street to Koh Tao Backpackers and has live sports and music opening

Later on people who want to stay out and party until the early hours head down to the south end of the beach to one of the nightclubs there on the beach either Cave Bar, Maya Bar, AC Bar or Fishbowl.  A few times a month there are also parties away from the Sairee area down at the other end of the island at inland clubs, The Castle, H2O & Blue Moon.

If you're just after some good food, then we're fortunate in Sairee to have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from with Thai and western cuisine.