Taxis on Koh Tao to be fair aren't cheap 

koh tao taxi

One of the reasons Taxis on Koh Tao are so expensive is they do not have meters and all prices for journeys are now fixed and for sure must be amongst the most expensive in the world per km.

What this means when you arrive at Koh Tao is that unless you have also pre arranged your free pick up from the pier with us or booked in a taxi if you are going to go diving with Davy Jones Locker  ( if you haven't emailed through to us with your ferry arrival details 24hrs before your arrival you can call the dive shop office on 077 456 604 to arrange your pick up to come to the hostel.  If you don't then dive with DJL or stay at .Rocks Guesthouse then you will be charged 100 baht for the taxi.)   So if you're reading this on the ferry on your way here then you will either need call us on the dive shop number or take the 20 minute walk along the beach road from the pier to the Guesthouse or of course if you're feeling rich you can also take a taxi from the pier.  The price to get a taxi from the pier to Sairee is 440 baht, but that price is for the taxi regardless if there is 1 or 8 people on it, so if you are heading here and planning on getting one of the Koh Tao taxis from the pier when you arrive it's worth asking other travellers if they are also heading to Sairee and sharing the taxi, as otherwise all of the taxi drivers will be happy to take 1 or 2 customers each for the same price.

If you are coming to stay at .Rocks Guesthouse then you don't need to worry about getting one of the expensive Koh Tao taxis you can let us know which ferry it is that you are going to be arriving on in advance and we'll collect you for free.  If you haven't already booked in your ferry to the island then you can book that in via the website and just send us through the details.