If you're already a certified diver then why not check out some of Koh Tao's dive sites and go fun diving.

Diving off the big boat, the prices are as follows:

  • 1-5 dives 1,000 Baht per dive
  • 6-9 dives 900 Baht per dive
  • 10+ dives 800 Baht per dive

If you aren't sure if diving is for you but would like to find out before committing to the PADI Open Water course then why not do the 1/2 day Discover Scuba Diving(DSD) Experience.  If you really like it and decide to take an Open Water course afterwards you get a 1,000 baht discount off the PADI Open Water course price.


The Advanced Open Water course is only a short course which if you are in a rush can be completed in about 24hrs if you start at 10:00am on the first day with the knowledge reviews and then dive in the afternoon and then take the night adventure dive option on the same day as then you can finish up the course with the last two adventure dives the following morning.

Let's go Diving


We're linked in with Davy Jones Locker and accommodate many of their divers and so you can book your Koh Tao Scuba Diving experience or any courses here through us before you arrive if you like so that you can maximise your time here on the island by starting you diving course on the same afternoon that you arrive on Koh Tao or even by completing the theory for your course before you arrive by completing PADI's eLearning before you get here, you can buy that at the PADI website here

See our Scuba Diving section for details or for further information about some of the more advanced diving courses available you can have a look at the DJL website here.

Okay so you're already a Advanced Open Water Diver, so what's the next step?  Well the next step which is logical is to be able to be confident that if there was to be an emergency and someone else needed help before the emergency response services arrived that you would know what to do.  So the next step is the PADI Rescue Diver & EFR course.

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